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    Use noses to make the next event bigger, better, brighter, and with more fun while making 40%-60% larger profit as the seller, reseller, promoter, or fundraising organization.

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  • Where do your sales profits go?

    Your profit distribution is up to you!

    Whether you have allotted a percentage for your sales team, sold them in bulk as a distributer, reinvest in to marketing for your cause, or cut a check to your charity... it's all up to you!

    How To Raise Money?

    Nose Sales Raise Big Money for your Fundraiser Profit
    1 Sell 1,000 noses for your event at $3 = $1,210
    at $5 = $3,210
    2 Sell 5,000 noses for your event at $3 = $6,050
    at $5 = $16,050
    3 Sell 10,000 noses for your event at $3 = $12,100
    at $5 = $32,100
    4 Sell 20,000 noses for your event at $3 = $24,200
    at $5 = $64,200

    Your cost per unit - $1.79 (min order 100)
    Suggested Retail Sales - $3.00 - $5.00 per unit

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    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what we do and how we can help you or your organization. We take pride in knowing that our business can benefit you and so many others. We welcome your comments and feedback!

    Trowego Promotions LLC.
    Po Box 248,
    Owego NY, 13827

    Telephone: +1 855 PIK URNZ (1-855-745-8769)
    E-mail: info@pickyournose.org

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    A little bit about our company...
    Trowego Promotions LLC is a concept company for fundraising opportunities.  The main goal of our business is to provide a fundraising vehicle for non profit organizations.

    Gotta Give!
    A portion of our profits will be donated to the USA Rugby Foundation specifically the Youth Program that sets up rugby leagues in inner cities among other regions to get kids outside and into a sport to build confidence and overall well being. Another non profit we are donating to is the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). They are a huge proponent of living life without limits. Just because you have asthma/allergies doesn't mean you can't be active and live an active lifestyle. They provide education resources about the diseases as well as ways to improve them.

    Why use noses for fundraising?
    Breathe Green noses are a unique new way to raise funds. Using the noses is an effective way to raise money for your local charity or organization. The opportunity is there to raise 60% in profits, which is more than any other fundraiser. In addition to fantastic fundraising capabilities, the noses are fun for children. Unlike other fundraisers, Breathe Green noses provide a chance to laugh, show off one's favorite team colors or wear with the knowledge that the money spent went to a great cause.

    What are you waiting for? We were just about to ask you that! Contact us today for more information.